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Jury Consulting

     In a trial, it is imperative to have the best possible strategy when preparing yourself for trial. As a Jury Consultant, we help you to uniquely identify the strengths as well as the weaknesses surrounding your case. We explore the different methodologies and variables that will focus on solutions to a meanful resolution. 

Be prepared! Let us aid you in preparation for your criminal or civil trial. 

Trial Consulting

     When faced with a case, you want a trial consultant with the expertise to offer the best possible approach to a meaningful resolution when faced with a trial. As a trial consultant, we work with the attorney/s, witnesses, or someone who is accused facing a trial. 

A good defense, is a ready defense whether it is working for the Prosecutor for a guilty verdict, or the defense to find someone not guilty.

Be informed!

                                                       Schedule an appointment today! 678-358-7149

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